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Jamie 2016

  • At this time last year my wrists hurt so much that I was wearing braces just to bear the pain of setting up tables at work. This year that problem doesn’t exit, thanks to you! Showing me how to stretch on a door-frame was pure gold, and you made it easy for me to do my own research.

Christopher 2017

  • Best and most skilled.

Nicole 2011

  • Having traveled for four months with quadriceps tendinitis, I was so happy Cynthia was able to fit me in for a consultation. The treatment was very thorough and helped a great deal. Cynthia was entirely focused on finding the source of the problem, shared what she was doing throughout and why, and gave me some very handy stretches to do while on the move. Cynthia is clearly experienced in sports therapy and very knowledgeable about the muscular system – I felt in very safe hands!

Rina 2010

  • CC, Just wanted to thank you. It was really good. I liked the fact that I was not destroyed the next day. I will definitely call you next time, I wish you were closer as this body always needs some work. There was no pain on my leg after.. (2011 Triathlete – Division Winner)

Yanira  2011

  • Cyndi is the best therapist I have ever had. She dosen’t hurt you, yet applies enough pressure to help what ever is ailing you. Her knowledge of the muscular system is incredible.

Steve 2012

  • Cynthia, I have to say that your session may have been the best ever. You clearly know a lot about sports medicine. It was the perfect. Thank you and good luck!

Jen 2009

  • I can’t tell you how much better my shoulder/back & armpit area feels. Those muscles and that area was extremely sore and it has opened up my breathing a lot more. I was impressed with your knowledgeable and ability to explain things in layman’s terms for me. I will be scheduling another session very soon. Very professional and very good at identifying the problem areas. I look forward to continued therapy. I am sleeping much better since my session.

Erich 2012

  • Loved the sports therapy!!! Looking forward tothe next session!

Bill 2016

  • Cynthia has a great knack of explaining the connection between the pain I am feeling and the complexity of the muscles triggering that pain. Her motto, Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional” is right on target and her sessions are the best!

Francia 2015

  • Frustrated with long-term, chronic shoulder pain, I’ve worked with dozens of massage therapists and physical therapists. The result was generally the same, some immediate relief, but nothing long-lasting. Your sports therapy was different. My shoulder pain began to subside for longer and longer periods of time following your sports therapy sessions.Whether you are having problems with old injuries or just want to feel a sense of wellness throughout your body, you’ll find it here.

Jill 2007

  • Diane and I both were greatly pleased by our experiences…. professional but warm in demeanor, and the treatments provided were very beneficial.

Dwight 2013

  • I am a person who gets regular massage therapy …… i can honestly say your sports therapy was different and superior.  the BEST pain reflief i have ever had! Yours is such an inviting, warm and relaxing environment

Tania 2009

  • I called my wife on the way home and told her that I just had the best pain and muscle relief I’ve ever had. I think your attention to detail and talking me through what was working. I was really surprised about my calves in particular. I’ll work on the stretching and I’ll be back! Thanks for such great work!

Damien 2016

  • As a Professional Basketball player my body and muscles know good pain relief, Cynthia is one of the best.

Doug 2007

  • Due to my rigorous and consistent circuit training with my trainer, your therapy and home care advice has done wonders, keeping me ready for my demanding workouts! You are all very thorough and I highly recommend to others.

Rick 2007

  • I am a professional race car driver and my whole body takes a beating … but especially my legs.  Cynthia is one of the few therapists that work my legs with as much attention to all the muscles as I have ever found.   Most therapist seem to ‘kill time’ working the back, not knowing how many issues my legs can have.  Thank you Cynthia